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Hi! I’m Debby Mayne! Thanks for stopping by!

Headshot of Debby Mayne

I’m the wife of a very handsome husband, mama of two precious grown daughters, mother-in-law to a couple of loving sons-in-law, and nana to a couple of adorable granddaughters. I also have a sweet cat, two grandpuppies, and four grandkitties. 

Both of my parents were born and raised in Mississippi. Even though Daddy was a career Air Force guy, and we moved every couple of years, we kept going back to Mississippi. Yes, grits run through my veins, and southern manners are important to me.

Southern Manners

Something my mother did was send me to one of the department store charm school programs, where I learned how to pour tea, how to introduce people, how to shake hands, and how to walk across a room without dropping the books they put on my head.

After high school, I went to the University of Southern Mississippi and joined a sorority, where proper etiquette was always essential. It was already second nature to me, being from a southern family and growing up on Air Force bases. And now it was reinforced.

Books by Debby Mayne

I also write books, mostly set in the South. I love strong, quirky heroines who often speak before they think but always have good intentions. If you’d like to see some of my books, go to my Amazon page, and you’ll find most of them: Debby Mayne’s Amazon Page.

Southern Home

One of my passions has always been the home—everything from food to decorating on a budget and making sure everyone in my care behaves. I emphasized good manners in my daughters from a very early age, and they turned out to be pretty wonderful. I’m proud of the fact that they RSVP to invitations and send thank you notes for gifts they receive.

Southern Food Made Easy

As much as I love home-cooked food, I don’t have much time to spend cooking. It’s not always easy to throw something delicious on the table in less than an hour, but somehow, I’ve managed to do it for many years. And my husband almost always asks for seconds. So I decided to share what I’ve learned about preparing delicious food quickly, easily, and on a budget.

Since I have to be gluten-free, I show both the regular and the gluten-free versions of my recipes. If you click around, you’ll see a lot of recipes featuring chicken or peanut butter since they’re two of my favorite things to cook with. And you’ll also find a lot of slow cooker and Instant Pot recipes. After all, I’m all for saving time.

Parties and Entertaining

I’ve always enjoyed a good party. And while planning a party, the first thing I typically think about is food. Other things are important as well, such as themes, music, games, and other types of entertainment. But food is usually the first thing I think about.

Fighting Inflammation with Food

I also suffer from years of beating my body up, from cheerleading in high school to pushing myself in sports when I should have taken a break. For that reason, I occasionally have to back off dinner routine a bit and focus on anti-inflammatory foods. You’ll see some of my favorite recipes for foods that help decrease inflammation.

Enjoy Your Southern Home

I started Southern Home Express to help anyone who wants their house to be more than just a place the family sleeps at night. It needs to be a home—a place of refuge where you can relax and bask in the cozy atmosphere, enjoy good food, and be proud to bring your friends over. And it shouldn’t drain your bank account.

Through this blog, readers will see recipes for quick-and-easy meals, get some low-cost but high-end inspired decorating ideas, find out some of the new rules of etiquette and manners, and learn a little more about my family. I welcome comments and questions, so bring ’em on!

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you come back often, and please share links with your friends and family. I also write novels and devotions. If you’re interested in checking those out, take a peek at my website: