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These soups and stews are delicious, provide comfort, and add nutrition to your diet. Although many people wait until cold winter months to enjoy them, you can reap the benefits of them year-round.

One of our favorite soups is also one of the easiest one to make. If you’re ever in a hurry but want homemade soup, try this delicious bean soup.

Another soup we like is this homemade cream of tomato soup. It’s delicious with any kind of sandwich or salad.

Lentil soup was always a favorite in our family. It’s easy to make and packed with nutrition!

This beef stew for two is perfect for a couple. But if you need more, simply double or triple the recipe!

All of the soups and stews listed below are easy to make and loaded with flavor!

Homemade chicken rice soup! Just the sound of that makes me smile on cold winter days or any other time of year when I need an extra dose of comfort! My homemade chicken rice soup is a favorite around here—especially when we need something comforting. This chicken rice soup recipe is a comforting classic, perfect …

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