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Smoothies are delicious drinks that you can make with whatever fruits, vegetables, and drinks you have on hand. Blend them together for a fusion of deliciousness and nutrients.

There are countless ways you can make smoothies with a variety of ingredients. One of my all-time favorites is this coffee smoothie that has enough nutrition and flavor to keep me satisfied all morning.

During the warmer months, we like this refreshing watermelon lemon smoothie. At the first hint of autumn and through the holidays, I make these pumpkin pie smoothies because … well, pumpkin.

As you look around at all of the drinks and smoothie recipes here, you’re sure to find some you enjoy. And let them inspire you to add unexpected ingredients that sound good to you.

Pumpkin pie smoothies are delicious and nutritious. Additionally, these smoothies are super easy to make, so you can have them anytime. Although they’re traditionally a holiday drink, you can enjoy them all year long. Delicious Homemade Smoothies You don’t have to wait until pumpkins are in season, since this recipe uses canned pumpkin. You also …

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