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10 Delicious Pumpkin Treats

Here are 10 delicious pumpkin treats that you’ll want to make asap! If you’re a pumpkin lover, I promise that you’ll find something you’ll want to make over and over. I’m a huge fan of pumpkin flavored anything. So I’ve collected a handful of my favorite recipes, some of them mine and others from other foodie friends. All of the following pumpkin recipes are easy to make.

field of pumpkins

Pumpkin Season

Have you ever found yourself thinking about a specific food and not been able to get it out of your mind? Well, that’s me.

Maybe it’s the time of year, or maybe it’s that I keep seeing pumpkin goodies everywhere. Even the local coffee shop is promoting pumpkin latte.

4 of 10 delicious pumpkin recipes

Sharing 10 Delicious Pumpkin Treats from a Variety of Foodies

Below you’ll see some delicious pumpkin recipes that are sure to make your family and friends very happy. Just be sure to make enough for everyone to have seconds!

10 Delicious Pumpkin Treats

Pumpkin is one of the most nutritious dessert ingredients you can use. Some of these are my recipes, and others are from foodie friends. All of these treats are delicious!

4 of 10 delicious pumpkin recipes

Meals to Serve Before Any of the 10 Delicious Pumpkin Treats

Most of these treats can be snacks, but in case it’s dessert for you, start out with one of my delicious meals—like this Italian chicken zucchini casserole. Or this mock Swiss steak.

Perhaps you want to keep your meal light so you can eat more dessert. Not saying I do this every time, but maybe on occasion….

Check out this Mediterranean salad. You’ll also get some great ideas from this list of pecan recipes.

Start the meal with this chicken Doritos casserole from Call Me PMc, and you’ll be the family hero. And then finish with any of the pumpkin treats to seal the deal.

Or try this budget-friendly and super easy hobo casserole. You might have heard it called hobo hubby casserole or hobo stew. No matter what name it goes by, it’s absolutely delicious!

Your Turn to Share

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Please feel free to share!

Miz Helen

Friday 13th of September 2019

This is a great collection of delicious recipes that will sure be perfect for fall. Thanks so much for including my Pumpkin Cobbler along with all these talented bloggers, I really appreciate it! Hope you have a fantastic fall! Miz Helen