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Fruit That Starts with T (9 Types of Fruit)

Learning about fruit that starts with T will give you an edge in a variety of things. From playing a trivia game while on a road trip with the family to learning about new and different fruits, having this information is both valuable and fun.

You might discover several types of fruit that aren’t commonly known in the United States. Some of these are grown in the Middle East, while others are indigenous to Central America. 

some fruit that starts with T: tomatoes, tamarind, tart cherries, and tangerines

In today’s world, we’re able to enjoy fruit from tropical regions all over the world, from New Zealand to South America. You don’t even have to wait until it’s in season in your area because it’s in season somewhere and can be flown to your grocery store.

If you’ve never tried any of these, why not make it a point to look for it and at least taste it to see if you like it. You might discover one of your new favorite treats. 

9 Fruits That Start with the Letter T

Many of these fruits have health benefits that should make you want to include them in your daily meal plan. In fact, fresh fruit is usually a healthy snack that provides more than great flavor. It’s a good source of energy that helps you get through your busy day.

Some fruit that starts with T: tomatoes, tangerines, cherries, and tamarind

As you peruse this list, keep in mind that many of the common fruits have different names in different areas. These different fruit names can be confusing, especially the ones you consider unusual fruits.

While some of these might be obvious, there are others you might not have known are fruit. Here’s a list of fruits that start with T.

1. Tangerine

The first fruit that starts with the letter T is probably one of the most obvious. Tangerines are a type of mandarin oranges.

peeled and unpeeled tangerines

The tangerine is similar to an orange in appearance. However, it has a thin skin that is easier to peel. In most cases, the tangerine is slightly sweeter than an orange. 

This is an excellent citrus fruit to put in your child’s lunchbox. It’s packed with vitamin C and fiber. It also makes an excellent addition to a fruit salad.

When you want a sweet snack, reach for a tangerine. It will satisfy your taste buds while it provides many of the nutrients you need.

2. Tangelo

A tangelo also resembles an orange. However, since it is a cross between a tangerine and a type of grapefruit, it has more of a tart flavor. You can still taste the flavor of the tangerine, so it gives you a delightful blend of flavors when you want a tasty snack.

3. Tomato

The next fruit that starts with a T is the tomato. Many people don’t realize that a tomato is fruit, specifically a type of berry. In fact, most people serve it as though it’s a vegetable. This fun fact is fascinating to those who have always thought of the tomato as a vegetable.

container of cherry tomatoes

There are thousands of varieties of tomatoes in many different shapes and sizes. You’ll find tomatoes that vary from pale yellow to bright red and everything in between.

Tomatoes grow all over the world, so they’re used in a variety of cuisines. Most Americans enjoy them in salads, incorporated into pasta dishes, on sandwiches, and in sauces. We enjoy them in this BLT salad or a sandwich by the same name.

You can eat them either raw or cooked. Sweet tomatoes are also delicious served with a dollop of mayonnaise and a dash pepper. This is a yummy side dish and also a great snack.

sliced tomatoes and jalapeños

Whether you want to spice them up by adding jalapeños or enjoy the natural, sweet flesh, tomatoes are a wonderful fruit to add to your diet. Although some tomatoes have a sweet taste, others have a more acidic flavor.

4. Tamarind

Tamarind fruit grows on a tree and has a sweet but slightly sour pulp that is used in a variety of dishes worldwide. Some people consider the flavor similar to a blend of lemons, dates, and apricots. It is often used in sauces, chutneys, stews, and desserts.

tamarind fruit in the pod

Tamarind is high in fiber, so it helps with digestive health. Other health claims include helping to regulate blood sugar, anti-inflammatory properties, lowering overall cholesterol, building the immune system, and more.

5. Tamarillo

Sometimes called a “tree tomato,” the tamarillo” is oval, similar to plum tomatoes, and comes in a variety of reds, yellows, and a bright orange color. The skin is bitter, but the fruit is sweet and tastes similar to kiwi fruit, guava, ugli fruit, passion fruit, or tomatoes.

6. Tayberry

The tayberry is a delicious cross between a raspberry and blackberry. Named after the River Tay, this delicious fruit is often used in jams and jellies to spread on toast or scoop over ice cream.

tayberry in bloom

7. Tart Cherry

One of the best pie fruits is the tart cherry, a sour version of the popular cherries that are delicious to eat right off the stem. Although the tart cherry is not a particularly sweet fruit, it adds a robust flavor to pies.

tart cherries on the stem

Some benefits of eating this fruit that starts with T are better sleep, higher physical performance, lower blood pressure, decrease muscle pain, lowering inflammation, and increase endurance in all activities.

8. Topaz Apple

If you want to grow a disease resistant fruit, consider the topaz apple. The color is an ombre of pale yellow graduating to a solid red on the skin. It has a crisp bite and a sharp flavor.

9. Tangor

A tangor is a hybrid from the mandarin orange and standard orange. It gets its name from the first four letters of the tangerine and first two of the orange. This tropical fruit has a thick skin that is easy to peel. The fruit is orange and has a bold sweet and sour flavor.

Add Fruit to Favorite Dishes (Including Fruit that Starts with T)

When you want to add flavor to some of your favorite dishes, you can start with your spice rack. But don’t stop there. Chop up some topaz apple and add it to your pot of beef stew. You can add other kinds of apple, such as golden delicious, as well. 

Or add some cut-up tart cherry to green beans. It adds not only flavor but color to your favorite holiday meal.

Sweet potatoes are delicious with citrus added. Some of the best foods are also the simplest with one unexpected added ingredient.

Add tomatoes or slices of tangerine to your salmon macaroni salad. It adds color, flavor, and nutrition. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

some fruit that starts with T: tangerines, tamarind, and tomatoes

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