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Your Instant Pot and slow cooker are great tools for any cook to have in the kitchen. Whether you are in a hurry or you want to set it and forget it, you will find plenty of wonderful recipes here to cook in either of your favorite kitchen appliances.

If you’re looking for Crock Pot comfort food, then make these delicious pork chops with a creamy base. They’re delicious, easy, and only require 3 ingredients!

I was amazed by the fact that this turkey breast actually browned in the slow cooker. I didn’t even need to brown it in the oven, making this a winning recipe!

My husband absolutely loved this chicken and gravy made in the slow cooker. This just goes to prove that sometimes simple recipes are the best!

If you’ve never made Crock Pot lasagna, it’s time to change that. Not only is it easier with fewer steps, it is absolutely delicious!

All of these slow cooker recipes cut down on the time you have to spend in the kitchen. So if you haven’t used your Crock Pot or Instant Pot in a while, it’s time to pull them out of the cupboard and put them to work!

This easy lentil soup recipe is flavorful, nutritious, and quick. You’ll love how it warms you from the inside out and fills you up in the best kind of way. It’s like a warm hug when you need it most! This Instant Pot recipe has been adapted from the way I used to make it …

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