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The very word “family” should provide a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever you hear it mentioned. All you need to accomplish this is the desire and a few simple tips. None of this is difficult, as long as you know what to do.

Create a comfortable home filled with love and things you and your family enjoy. Start out with comfy seating. Next, give your family and guests a place to put all the delicious foods and drinks you’ll serve.

Then add small personal touches to put your family’s signature on your home. Would you like to make a designer-inspired serving platter? It’s not difficult with the tips I’ll provide.

Don’t leave out your family when making your house a home. Do you want your children to help decorate? With some of the tips here, they’ll have a hand in decorating your home.

Above all, do you enjoy having a welcoming home that makes people want to visit? If so, create a warm entrance (with a wreath) to set the mood. Once they’re inside, show some good manners that you’ve learned from tips you’ll find right here.

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Only truly southern people know if something actually originated in the South. Of course, southern is a state of mind. So it’s impossible to fully explain it, even armed with all the southern expressions in the world. For example, although we love Elvis, we also know there’s more to his southernness than his birthplace in …

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