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These pork and ham recipes give you plenty of options for cooking pork chops, ham steaks, pork sausage, and much more. Whether you want a casserole or a pork roast to enjoy for several days, you will find it all here.

Another reason to like pork (besides the flavor, of course) is that it is typically less expensive than other types of meat. When you’re really hungry and need something substantial, these thick boneless pork chops are the perfect main dish. They’re easy and absolutely delicious!

For those who are watching their carbs, this low carb sausage skillet dinner is perfect! Another pork-based skillet dinner that’s delicious is this pork sausage and rice dish.

If you’re looking for versatility, try this cheesy zucchini ham bake. It’s packed with flavor, and you can serve it over pasta or rice to make it stretch.