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Last Minute Christmas Decor Hacks

These last minute Christmas decor hacks can save you when time gets away from you during the holidays. No one has to know that you’ve put everything off until the last minute.

Simple and Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorations

If your house isn’t ready for the season at this late date, don’t despair. In fact, there are still some simple things you can do that won’t cost a fortune.

Simple flocked wreath for a dark door

You’ve Got Mail

This holiday season, we started a new tradition with our grandchildren. One thing we did was purchase miniature mailboxes from the Dollar Tree for each of them, and when they stop by for a visit, they check their mail. Then I put small things in there, such as a couple of Hershey Kisses, stickers, colored pens, small notepads, and other items little girls like.

These mailboxes can be personalized by writing their name on the flag with a Sharpie or putting a printed sticker on it. After all, the more personalized the mailboxes are the more they enjoy it.

All in all, this is an inexpensive way to give them a little something extra to look forward to when they come to see Nana and Papa.

Small mailboxes from the Dollar Tree

Basket of Pinecones

Pick up a couple of holiday-themed baskets from Target, Walmart, or a dollar store and fill it with pinecones. Basically, you can put these anywhere you need a little extra decoration.

Santa basket filled with scented pinecones

Fun Craft to Do with the Kids or Grandkids

When the grandkids come over, I like to do something fun with them. They’re both creative, so we often cook and also make things together. Here is a super easy craft that they can make and take home right away.

What you’ll need:

  • An empty frame
  • A Christmas bag or Christmas Card
  • Scissors
  • Flat-head screwdriver
Empty frame from the Dollar Tree
Christmas bag from the Dollar Tree


  1. Take the backing off the frame and pull out the glass. This is easy to do with a flat-head screwdriver
  2. Place the glass on the bag over the image you want to frame.
  3. Next, trace around the edge of the glass.
  4. Cut out the image along the lines you traced.
  5. Put the glass back in the frame.
  6. Place the cutout image face down on the glass.
  7. Replace the backing and press down the little metal pieces that hold the back on the frame.
  8. Finally, it is ready to hang.
Cute framed Christmas scene that will add holiday cheer to any room

As shown above, it’s super easy to create a quick Christmas decoration. You can even do this type of thing during other holidays as well.

Other items you can frame include:

  • Christmas cards
  • Holiday boxes
  • Christmas wrapping paper

Repurpose Old Decorations

You can do so many things as long as you let your imagination take over. First of all, take stock of what you have. Don’t overlook ornaments or pieces of old displays.

Ornaments can become stand-alone decorations if you place them in the midst of holiday greenery. Battery-operated twinkle lights are pretty if you place them in a glass jar with red or gold ornaments. 

Whip Up Some Fudge

Now that you have your decorations taken care of, head to the kitchen and whip up some delicious fudge. Here’s a recipe from Back to My Southern Roots that you’ll love: 5-Minute Peppermint Fudge.

Quick and easy peppermint fudge everyone will love

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