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Dryer Sheet Hacks to Simplify Life

Dryer sheet hacks can make your life so much easier. And one of the best things about them is they’re cheap.

4 boxes of dryer sheets with Bounce, Snuggle, and 2 store brands
Dryer Sheets

First of all, dryer sheets are obviously good to have on hand if you want to soften your laundry. In addition to that, they help decrease static electricity, so you don’t have your clothes clinging to you.

It doesn’t matter what brand of dryer sheets you use because they all work for these hacks.

I like the ones from Target as much as the name brands. I’m pretty sure they have the same chemicals in them, which is why some people won’t use dryer sheets.

Yes, dryer sheets do soften your clothes. But they’re so much more than that. Those little unassuming sweet-smelling sheets have become essential helpers throughout my house. In fact, they even go beyond that.

Coming from a southern family, I learned a variety of things that may seem weird to some people. My southern mama and grandmas could clean an entire house with a couple of rags and a squirt bottle of vinegar and water.

If they’d had dryer sheets, it would have smelled sweet without having to bake cookies or boil cinnamon all the time.

Dryer Sheet Hacks for the Kitchen

Clean baked on foods. As long as you have dryer sheets, you can clean your pots and pans with very little scrubbing. Simply place one or two of them in the bottom of your pans, add a little water, and walk away.

The sheets will do the work. When you come back an hour later, the baked on grime will come right off.

Not only will dryer sheets clean your pots and pans, you can polish the metal to a high shine. Simply rub them over the outside of the pan, and you’ll be able to see your reflection when you’re finished.

Another dryer sheet hack is to place one inside the bottom of your trash can to get rid of the stinky odors. It will have to be occasionally replaced, but these little sheets are cheap.

After you take off your sneakers, stick a dryer sheet into each of them. You’ll immediately eliminate odors that can stink up an entire room.

If you’re left with streaks after cleaning stainless appliances, rub them down with a dryer sheet. You’ll love how quickly you can get them to shine with this dryer sheet hack.

Dryer sheet on a stainless steel refrigerator
Dryer Sheet Shines the Refrigerator

Dryer Sheet Hacks for Other Areas of the House

If your shower walls are covered in soap scum, pull out a dryer sheet. All you have to do is rub them over the walls, and they’ll quickly look brand spanking new.

I typically clean the shower walls first with bathroom cleaner. Then I use the dryer sheet to polish what’s already clean.

Dryer sheet wiping the lint off an upholstered sofa
Dryer Sheet on Upholstery

When you pull your dryer sheet out of the dryer, run it over the lint filter to clean it quickly. Having a clean filter helps your dryer run more efficiently.

If your iron shows signs of starch buildup, heat it up and run it over a dryer sheet. You’ll be amazed by how clean and shiny your iron is afterward.

It’s also nice to not have to worry about transferring the grime from your iron to whatever you’re ironing.

Every so often run a dryer sheet over your baseboard. Not only does it take off the dust that has collected but it also repels future dust.

Dryer sheet wiping a baseboard
Dryer Sheet Cleans the Baseboard

Drop a dryer sheet into your vacuum cleaner bag or canister. In addition to keeping the dust from flying around this dryer sheet hack helps keep the air around it smelling nice.

If you want to make your house sweet smelling without having to plug something in, try my next dryer sheet hack.

All you have to do is tuck it into your air conditioning or furnace filter. You’ll soon have great smelling air flowing throughout your house.

Dryer Sheet Hacks for the Office

When your computer screen becomes blurred with dust, pull out a dryer sheet and give it a quick cleaning. You’ll be amazed by how crisp the image is on your screen.

The air in many offices becomes dry during the winter months when the heater constantly runs. Occasionally, throughout the day, rub a dryer sheet over your pants legs to alleviate static cling.

Personal Dryer Sheet Hacks

Don’t let dry air give you crazy hair. Run a dryer sheet over your brush or comb before using them. You can also rub it over your hair.

Hairbrush on top of a dryer sheet
Dryer Sheet Removes Static from a Brush

You can quickly get rid of deodorant marks on your clothes by rubbing the area with a dryer sheet.

Drop a dryer sheet into your gym bag to tamp back the odors from your workout clothes.

Rub the inside of your hats with dryer sheets to help prevent hat head.

Other Dryer Sheet Hacks

When you have bugs and tree sap stuck to your car windows, body, and grill, whip out a dryer sheet. Dampen it, put it on the spot, and let it sit there for about five minutes.

Then all you have to do is wipe away the mess. You’ll love the fact that with this dryer sheet hack you won’t scratch the windows or damage the paint on your car.

Damp dryer sheet on the car window
Dryer Sheet Removes Bugs from a Windshield

There’s even a dryer sheet hack to repel insects. Before going outdoors, tuck dryer sheets into your pockets and behind your belt to keep the flying critters from bugging you.

You don’t have to have scented sachets to keep your dresser drawers smelling fresh if you have dryer sheets. All you need to do is drop one into each drawer.

Keep a few loose dryer sheets in your luggage when it’s not in use. Next time you take a trip, you’ll be greeted by a sweet smell instead of a musty odor.

If You Have Pets

I’ve noticed that during the colder months, I shock my cat when I pet her, and it scares her. However, if I rub my hands on a dryer sheet first, that doesn’t happen.

This dryer sheet hack is probably better when you use the unscented ones. After all, you don’t want to make your kitty sneeze from the scent.

Tuxedo cat sitting on a scratcher/lounger cat toy
Sweet Kitty

Don’t let pet hair take over your house. When my dad said he could build a new cat with all the cat hair on his sofa, I told him I had a dryer sheet hack for that.

I went to his laundry room, pulled out one of his dryer sheets, and rubbed it over the furniture. His eyebrows shot up when he saw how effective they were. This is proof that parents of all ages can still learn.

This works on all furniture, lampshades, rugs, and other surfaces in your home.

Create Your Own Dryer Sheets Hacks

There are quite a few dryer sheet hacks that I haven’t listed here. If you see a problem involving static or smell, try solving it with a dryer sheet.

The worst thing that can happen is it won’t work, but you won’t know until you try. Additionally, whatever you use it on will smell really nice.

It doesn’t even seem to matter what brand of dryer sheets you use for these hacks. I usually purchase whatever is on sale. If there isn’t a sale, I’ll get the store brand, and they do just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets come in a variety of sizes and scents. Not only that, you’ll find a wide variety of manufacturers that make them.

Are Dryer Sheets Harmful?

Dryer sheets contain some harsh chemicals that can irritate some people. If this happens, try a different brand or discontinue use.

Are Dryer Sheets Necessary for Drying Clothes?

No, they are absolutely not necessary for drying clothes, although they can help prevent static clean. Some people purchase them for other uses, such as cleaning bugs off the car, dusting baseboards, or repelling insects.

How Do You Use Dryer Sheets in the Laundry?

It’s easy. After you put your clothes in the dryer, toss in a sheet or two before you close the door and turn it on. After the load is dry, you can toss the dryer sheet or use it for dusting.

Dryer sheet hacks with 4 boxes of dryer sheets

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