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Simple Pool Noodle Hacks You Didn’t Know

Pool noodle hacks can make life so much easier. Not only do they provide cushion where needed but they are also affordable. In fact, you can find pool noodles in most dollar stores and discount centers.

2 pool noodles - 1 red and 1 blue.
Pool Noodles

I’ve used hacks for a lot of things around my house. For example, I use rubber bands to reseal bags of frozen vegetables and mark my place in books. Another simple but handy gadget is the clothespin for clamping things together.

I also use toothpaste for a variety of things around the house. It’s always available, and it often keeps me from having to stop what I’m doing to go to the store. So why not use pool noodles that are cheap and abundant?

What I find interesting is that I rarely see people using pool noodles at the community pool. I mentioned this to a friend who said her kids use them as weapons in the pool. Eek!

Easy to Cut

Pool noodles come in various widths, but all the ones I’ve seen are the same standard length. Since one size doesn’t fit all for these hacks, you’ll need to cut them to the length you need.

If you need longer ones for your own pool noodle hacks, you can tape or glue them together, depending on how you’re using them. You can also cut them lengthwise for certain types of hacks.

Cutting pool noodle lenghwise

All you have to do is look in your kitchen cutlery drawer, since you simply need a serrated knife. Mark your pool noodle with a pencil, marker, or even chalk, and then cut by sawing with the knife. It’s super easy and can be done in a flash.

Bumper Pool Noodle Hack

When you have small children, you’ve probably done quite a bit of childproofing around your home. One of the things you might want to consider is padding the corners of tables.

I remember my own daughters falling into the coffee table or dining table. Needless to say, we had busted lips, bruised shins, and bumped heads. A soft bumper would have prevented a lot of tears.

Table bumpers prevent gashes and bruises when children fall against the corners.

All you have to do is cut two pieces of the pool noodle to the size you need for each table corner. Then make a slice lengthwise, and slip them over the edges of the table.

Scoot them together until they meet. Now when your child runs into the table, you’re not as likely to get a booboo.

Pool Noodle Hack Stopper

Our cat Sadie loves to swat her catnip-filled toy mice around the house. Unfortunately, a lot of them wind up under things she can’t reach. I was getting down on my hands and knees to dig them out from beneath the washer and dryer.

That quickly wore me out. So I cut the pool noodle the length I needed and then cut a slice in it down the length.

I slipped the pieces up under the washer and dryer to stop the toy mice from going underneath.

Washing machine pool noodle hack

Pool Noodle Bed Rail Hack

After your child moves out of the crib and into a big-kid bed, you may need to find a way to prevent falls. You can go out and purchase an expensive bed rail. Or you can slip a pool noodle beneath the fitted sheet along the edge.

Pool noodle beneath the fitted sheet in place of a bed rail.

This is also good for grandparents. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money to retrofit the beds. Instead, you can use your funds to spoil the young’uns rotten while they’re awake.

Cord Control

If you’re anything like me, you have an abundance of electric cords around the house. One way to control them is to cut pieces of pool noodles to separate them so they won’t get tangled up together.

What I did here was gently fold the cord and tuck it into the pool noodle. Another way to control your cords is to wrap them around the noodle and tuck the plug side into the hole on the end.

Cord organizer

Door Stopper

When doors slam easily, you risk your little one’s fingers getting smashed. Cut a slit in a piece of pool noodle and slip it over the edge of the door. Push it to the top, out of the child’s reach.

Door stopper prevents slammed fingers

Now the door won’t slam, and you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to deal with bruised fingers. That simple fix will prevent a lot of tears.

Pool Noodle Pen and Pencil Holders

Do you need something to keep your pens and pencils upright but within reach? Slice a section of a pool noodle in half and put it wherever you need it.

All you have to do is shove your pens and pencils into the pool noodle.

Pool noodle pencil holder

Computer Wrist Pad

Many of us spend hours everyday on our computers. Since I use a laptop, I need something portable to prevent my wrists from tiring out.

Computer wrist pad

I cut a section of a pool noodle in half. Then I use either one or two of them, depending on where I’m working.

Two computer wrist pads

Trash Can Bumper

We have the type of trashcan that opens when you step on the pedal. Each time we used the can it would scoot a little bit, until it eventually hit the wall.

As a result, the wall was getting dinged up. A simple fix was to glue a piece of pool noodle to the trashcan.

Trash can bumper

Boot Shaper Pool Noodle Hack

If you’ve ever had your boots topple over after you take them off, you need this hack. This surprisingly easy tip helps keep my closet tidy.

All you have to do is cut the pool noodle into pieces as tall as your boots. Shove the noodle pieces into them after you take them off. They’ll stand upright until next time you need them.

Boot shaper pool noodle hack

Plant Pot Filler Pool Noodle Hack

Before you put dirt in your plant pot, toss in some cut-up pool noodle pieces. You won’t need as much dirt, and the roots will have more room to grow.

Filler for potted plant.

Pool Noodle Hack Prevents Pants Creases

Are you tired of having creases in your pants from draping them over the hanger? If so, all you need to do is slice the edge of a pool noodle piece and slip it over the hanger. Now you’ll have no more creases from hanging your pants.

Prevent creases in pants with a pool noodle.

Problems Solved with Pool Noodle Hacks

So many problems we experience can be solved without having to spend a fortune. If you keep a couple of pool noodles around, you’ll be amazed by how many uses you find for them.

I purchased one of the pool noodles from the Dollar Tree and the other from Walmart. It’s good to keep some of these handy items around in case you have a need for pool noodle hacks.

There are so many things you can do with pool noodles.

More Hacks to Make Life Easier

In addition to the hacks I mentioned earlier, I love dryer sheet hacks. Even if you don’t dry your clothes with them, they’re ideal for other tasks around the house. I also have some easy cooking hacks for the time you spend in the kitchen.

Please feel free to share!

Nancy A

Saturday 2nd of September 2023

I just got a new kitchen door. The original door had wooden sashing so when the pantry door was open the door nob would hit the wooden sash. The new door is a pane of glass with no sashing (it’s one of those with a mini blind between two pieces of glass). To prevent the pantry door nob from breaking the glass I’m spray painting the door color a halved pool noodle, cut to width and gluing it the glass. It might look odd but a spiderweb crack in the glass would look worse.


Saturday 2nd of September 2023

Hi Nancy. I'm a big believer in preventing accidents, which is exactly what you did! Thanks for sharing!


Wednesday 26th of June 2019

I like these ideas!


Wednesday 26th of June 2019

Hi Emma. Thanks!