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Easy Toothpaste Hacks to Make Life Easier

Toothpaste hacks show that these little tubes of teeth cleaner are amazing. In fact, they can do so much more than give you a sparkling mouth.

Toothpaste hacks are handy at home and outdoors.

They have just the right amount of abrasive quality to clean quite a few things without leaving scratches.

Although you can use any toothpaste, I prefer to use some that is all white. For this post, I used Colgate with baking soda and peroxide.

There are quite a few hacks that will make your life easier. If you have some clothespins lying around the house, don’t let them go to waste. Try some of these clothespin hacks.

Personal Uses

Before I use anything on my skin, I want to know that it’s safe. It should never cause a worse problem than what I want it to solve.

Since I’ve used toothpaste in my mouth since I’ve had teeth, I’m confident that it won’t do harm to my body. Here are personal toothpaste hacks.

A little dab of toothpaste can help dry up acne. Basically you just squirt a little bit onto any bumps you see and let it dry overnight. Finally, wash it off the next morning, and the bumps will be gone or at least be smaller.

Next time you color your hair, keep a tube of toothpaste nearby. If you get some hair color on your skin, rub some toothpaste on it.

You can scrub the stain away within seconds, and no one will know. After you get your skin looking good again, soften it with some coconut oil.

After cutting onions, your hands probably stink. It’s difficult to get rid of that smell.

However, you can do it by squirting some toothpaste onto your hands and rubbing them together. Rinse your hands, and no one will know you’ve even touched an onion.

Next time a bug bites you, rub some toothpaste over that section of your skin. You’ll get instant relief. Next time you go outside, prevent future bug bites by putting a dryer sheet under your belt or in your pocket.

As much as I love deep red nail polish, I don’t love the stain it leaves after I remove it. However, there’s a toothpaste hack that will take care of it in a flash. Rub some over your clean nails until they’re back to their original color.

If you have toothpaste and a rag, you can solve a lot of problems.

Clothes, Shoes, and Jewelry

Clothes and shoes are expensive, and I hate getting rid of something just because I’ve been careless. So I always try one of these toothpaste hacks to see if it works. Amazingly, it typically does.

Remove grass stains from clothes. As soon as you see the stain, squirt some toothpaste onto the fabric and rub it together. Then launder it as you normally would, and you’ll be amazed by how the stain disappears.

Sneakers with white trim can start to look dingy very quickly. So grab a tube of toothpaste and a wet rag to buff the shoes to make them look like new again.

When it’s time to clean your engagement ring or any other fine jewelry, let toothpaste do the work. Put some on a soft toothbrush and gently brush your jewelry, taking care to get in all the nooks and crannies of the setting. Give it a good rinsing, and your jewelry will shine and sparkle like new.

Toothpaste Hacks Around the House

Keep plenty of toothpaste around the house for various jobs. You’ll love the versatility of toothpaste when it’s time to solve a household problem.

Hide holes in your apartment before you move. For example, after you remove a nail, you can fill the hole with a little bit of toothpaste. Once it dries, cover it with paint, and no one will ever know there was a hole.

Repair holes in the wall.

Since most people brush their teeth in the bathroom, it’s convenient to reach for the tube when it’s time to clean the sink. You’ll love how easy this toothpaste hack is.

Polish your sink with toothpaste.

Do you get tired of having a foggy mirror after you step out of the shower? Before you get too worked up, wipe down the mirror with some toothpaste. Next time you shower, your mirror should be sparkling clear.

Don’t throw in the towel on those stubborn toilet stains. Instead, squirt some of the cheapest whitening toothpaste you can find into the toilet bowl. Using your toilet brush, scrub the stains. Wait about 15 minutes and flush. You’ll be amazed by how well this works!

Clean your children’s crayon marks off the walls with toothpaste. Put a little bit on a damp sponge and rub it in a circular motion over the marks. Surprisingly, it’ll disappear in a flash.

When your appliances start to look dull, clean them up with a small amount of toothpaste on a damp rag. After applying it in a circular motion, buff it out with a clean rag. You’ll love the results.

Next time someone forgets to use a coaster, don’t despair. If their glass left a ring, grab a tube of toothpaste and rub it over the spot.

You might have to work it in for a few minutes, but you can eventually buff the ring away. After you finish buffing it out, use some furniture polish to make it shine.

Freshen Up with Toothpaste Hacks Outdoors

Not only can you solve problems indoors with toothpaste hacks, you can take it outside.

When your outdoor furniture starts looking dull, let toothpaste come to the rescue. Squirt some onto the furniture and wipe it down with a damp rag. It will look as good as new in no time.

Are your car’s headlights starting to look dull? Buff them with toothpaste on a damp rag. You’ll be amazed by how much brighter the lights will be next time you drive at night.

Clean the headlights on your car.

While you’re working on your car, use toothpaste to buff small scratches. Surprisingly, you can make many of them disappear with a little elbow grease.

Be Creative

Toothpaste hacks you need to know.

Next time you have an issue you can’t solve, try using a little bit of toothpaste. If it works, that’s great.

If not, the only thing you’ve lost is a tiny bit of toothpaste. Another hack you may find useful is this list of things you can do with those rubber bands in your junk drawer.

Please feel free to share!