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35 Easy Desserts to Bring to a Party or Potluck

These easy desserts are perfect to bring to a party. Whether it’s a birthday party, holiday party, bridal shower, potluck, or other special event, a sweet treat is always welcome.

variety of easy desserts to bring to a party, including pineapple dump cake, chocolate cherry cake, festive fudge, and butterscotch cookies.

It’s always fun to bring a show-stopping dessert to family gatherings or get-togethers with friends.

Holiday parties and other types of celebrations are always better when there’s something delicious on the table.

Are you planning to attend any dinner parties this year? If so, bring something yummy that you made yourself.

Favorite Sweet Treats and Desserts for Dinner Parties

I have so many favorite desserts that it’s impossible to name all of them. However, when a favorite dessert is easy to make, it quickly jumps to the top of my list.

All of these are great for any get together, and they’re especially wonderful dinner party dessert recipes. Next time you’re asked to bring something, everyone will be happy to see you.

There’s absolutely no reason to be stressed out when you’re asked to bring dessert. All of these desserts are easy, fun to make, and crowd-pleasing.

In fact, they’re all so easy you might be tempted to bring more than one. Go right ahead and do that.

The other guests will appreciate that little bit of extra effort, and they’re likely to think you spend all day in the kitchen.

Deliciously Easy Dessert Recipes

You'll be a huge hit when you bring any of these super easy and delicious dessert recipes to any get-together with family or friends.

Perfect Treats

All of these delicious desserts will bring smiles to everyone’s faces, and you’ll find yourself being one of the most popular people at the party.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to share your recipes. I’ve been known to bring copies of my recipes that I hand out when people request them.

Many of them can be kept at room temperature, while others need to be refrigerated.

So find out what types of conditions you’ll have when you get there. If the food needs to be kept cold, bring a freezer bag or cooler.

You’ll also need to know whether there will be a lot of people or just a few to make sure you have enough for everyone to at least try your yummy treat.

I included recipes from my own collection as well as some from Back to My Southern Roots and Julia’s Simply Southern. They’re both fabulous cooks who know how to make crowd-pleasing sweets.

Please feel free to share!