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5 Best Homemade Cookie Recipes

These 5 best homemade cookie recipes that I currently have posted are my favorites. In fact, after hearing from many of you, I’ve discovered some of y’all feel the same way.

5 best cookie recipes

None of these cookies are difficult to make. First of all, I take shortcuts whenever possible.

I also like to tweak traditional recipes by swapping out ingredients for something different.

Some of the cookies I make have been passed down through the generations in my family. Others are cookie recipes I’ve taken and made them my own.

Regardless, I can pretty much guarantee that they’re all worth trying.

I started to include dessert bars in this list, but I decided to cover that group later. However, in case you’re interested, these peanut butter Cocoa Krispie treats are scrumptious!

5 Best Homemade Cookie Recipes

If you make these cookies, you're sure to make everyone around you happy. After all, who can resist smiling when they have a cookie in their hand?

Benefits of My 5 Best Homemade Cookie Recipes

Homemade cookies have quite a few benefits. In fact, I think they should be one of the basic food groups.

After all, they make you feel wonderful when you eat them.

Here are some of my top benefits of cookies:

They’re delicious.

Cookies are easy to eat.

They’re easy to control portions. (i.e., one cookie or two)

Homemade cookies have ingredients you can pronounce.

You can make any flavor you want.

Moms can hide pureed vegetables in cookie batter to make sure their kids get the nutrients they need.

Baking cookies helps relieve stress.

You can bake cookies with your friends, kids, grandkids, or spouse for a great social experience.

Cookies are a great incentive for anyone. For example, if you want your kids to clean their rooms, bribe them with their favorite cookies.

They are the perfect treat to go with coffee, milk, hot chocolate, or any drink.

Homemade cookies are a great way to meet and greet new neighbors.

Cookies in the oven make your whole house smell wonderful.

And to drive the most important benefit home, they’re delicious!

5 best homemade cookie recipes

More Cookie Recipes from Friends

A lot of my friends have some wonderful cookie recipes that you need to try. Here are a few of them:

These chocolate crinkle cookies from Back to my Southern Roots are as yummy as they are beautiful. Imagine the look of joy on your kids’ faces when you put out a platter of them.

The shortbread cookies with pecans from Julia’s Simply Southern give you a taste of heaven in a few bites. In fact, you won’t be able to eat just one.

A couple of key lime cookies from Miz Helen’s Country Cottage will take you to a tropical paradise. Just close your eyes as you munch, and you’ll feel as though you’re on vacation.

Please feel free to share!