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Fruit Kabobs with Yogurt

Fruit kabobs with yogurt are one of the most nutritious snacks you can make for your family. This tasty treat is colorful, delicious, refreshing, and fun to eat.

3 fruit kabobs with a small bowl of vanilla yogurt

After all, who doesn’t enjoy nibbling at food on a stick? There’s just something special about it.

If you’re setting up a party table, place these fruit kabobs with yogurt on one side of the table, some veggies and dip in the middle, and other items like Chex party mix and popcorn on the opposite end.

Or you can put together a 3-tiered party platter that adds even more visual interest to the table.

Things You’ll Need to Make Fruit Kabobs

You can make fruit kabobs with anything that you’re able to stab with a stick. Since there are only two of us in our house, I purchased a container of mixed cut fruit from the produce department at Publix.

After I got home, all I had to do was decide how to arrange the fruit on the sticks. However, if you are making these for a larger group, it’s more economical to buy individual fruit and cut it after you get home.

Skewers, bowls of fruit, and a container of yogurt

You’ll also need some kabob sticks, also known as skewers. Most grocery stores carry them in a variety of sizes.

I chose the two shortest ones because I planned to put them on smaller plates. However, the largest size is nice if you want to use them for fondue. You can also use long toothpicks.

How to Arrange Fruit Kabobs with Yogurt

I like to alternate colors. For example, I put strawberries next to honeydew melon pieces and cantaloupe chunks next to grapes. Another way you can arrange them on sticks is in the order of colors of the rainbow.

Mixed fruit on skewers

If you’re preparing these for a family snack, it’s easy to go ahead and divvy out the kabobs on individual plates. However, if you’re putting them together for a party, line them up on a large platter and put a stack of small plates beside them so people can help themselves.

Most people enjoy dipping their party food in something creamy or zesty. I used straight-up vanilla yogurt, right out of the carton.

You can also use Greek yogurt, plain yogurt that you add your own flavor to, or even whipped cream.

Fruit kabob dipped in vanilla yogurt

If you’re having a large party, put the dipping sauce in a bowl with a spoon. For a smaller group, it’s fun for each person to have their own dipping cups. These custard cups came in a pack of four from the Dollar Tree.

Exercise Caution with Skewers

If you’re serving this to small children, help them with the skewers. Even better, remove the sticks and allow them to pick up the fruit with their fingers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fruit Kabobs and Yogurt

These little snacks are so easy to make anyone can do it. However, you may be asking one or more of these questions.

Can You Make Fruit Kabobs a Day Ahead?

Yes, you can make them ahead of time, as long as you choose fruit that doesn’t turn brown or shrivel.

Strawberries, melons, grapes, pineapples, and blueberries are ideal. However, bananas won’t hold up for long.

Can You Freeze Fruit Kabobs?

Yes, you can freeze them after you make them. Make sure they are sealed in an airtight plastic bag. Take them out to thaw about 20 minutes before you plan to serve them.

Do You Need to Soak the Skewers?

You don’t have to soak the skewers, unless they’ll be exposed to heat. However, if you choose to, place them in a pan with warm water for about 30 minutes.

What Are the Benefits of Yogurt?

Yogurt contains nutrients that are essential for bone and muscle health, such as calcium, potassium, protein, and phosphorus.

Fruit kabobs are the perfect snack. Serve them with yogurt to dip.

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Fruit kabob in yogurt

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