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Kitchen Measurements Cheat Sheet

Kitchen measurements are important to understand if you need to follow a recipe. After all, a tablespoon and a teaspoon are two completely different sizes.

Measuring cups and measuring spoons for accurate kitchen measurements

There are quite a few things you need to think about when cooking. For that reason, I’m providing a couple of kitchen measurements conversion charts to help you out.

I’ve always liked to have hacks and cheat sheets at my fingertips. It takes away the guesswork and makes life so much easier when you need to know these things.

Importance of Understanding Kitchen Measurements

Food and cooking measurements can be confusing. For example, do you know how many teaspoons there are in one tablespoon?

It’s also perplexing to many of us when we have to convert to the metric system. After all, I grew up not using meters and liters when measuring.

So I figured it would help to provide a simple cheat sheet to make life a little easier. You can either pull this up when you need it or print it out.

If you want to keep this within view, use a clothespin to clip it to something in your kitchen.

Everyday Kitchen Measurements

Most recipes specify measurements in the ingredient list. For this reason, you need to know the weight or volume of the ingredients.

The label of each ingredient should state the amount of what’s inside the package. If you don’t need the entire contents of the package, you obviously need some measuring devices.

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If you plan to cook, you need several things. First of all, you should have measuring cups for both wet and dry ingredients.

Secondly, you’ll need measuring spoons. I like having a couple of complete sets of spoons to make sure all of the measurements are covered.

Diet Concerns

Although I’ve pretty much given up on diets to lose weight, I still like to control portions. Otherwise, I’ll overeat because I love food so much.

Another measuring device that’s good to have in the kitchen is a food scale. I like to have one that measures both grams and ounces.

Basic Kitchen Measurements Conversion

  • 3 teaspoons – 1 tablespoon
  • 4 tablespoons – 1/4 cup
  • 8 tablespoons – 1/2 cup
  • 16 tablespoons – 1 cup
  • 1 cup – 1/2 pint
  • 2 cups – 1 pint
  • 2 pints – 1 quart
  • 4 cups – 1 quart
  • 2 quarts – 1/2 gallon
  • 4 quarts – 1 gallon
  • 8 fluid ounces – 1 cup
  • 32 ounces – 1 quart
  • 64 ounces – 1/2 gallon
  • 1 stick of butter – 1/2 cup – 8 tablespoons

Metric Kitchen Measurements

  • 1 tablespoon – 15 milliliters
  • 1 ounce – 30 milliliters
  • 1 cup – 250 milliliters
  • 1 pint – approximately 475 milliliters
  • 1 quart – approximately 946 milliliters (almost a liter)
  • 1 gallon – 3.8 liters

More to Consider with Kitchen Measurements

When you use a measuring spoon, check the recipe to see if you need a level or heaping amount. In order to level the amount, run the top of the spoon across a flat surface.

If you’re using the measurement listed on the ingredient package, know whether it’s the amount is per serving or in total. In other words, the package might have 12 ounces of something, but each serving may be 3 ounces.

It’s a good idea to have measuring cups for both wet and dry ingredients. The wet-ingredient measuring cup typically has a spout, making it easier to pour.

Some of the more seasoned cooks can often eyeball the ingredients and get it right without using measuring devices. But they also know when to pull out their measuring spoons.

More Tips and Hacks

Most of us don’t have time to do everything we need or want to do. That’s why I look for as many tips and hacks to simplify life as much as possible.

My mom taught me quite a few things that you can do with aluminum foil. Since she wasn’t wasteful, she would often repurpose the foil after one use.

I also have a bunch of laundry hacks. Have you ever heard of Fels Naptha? One bar will last a long time, and it is better than any other stain remover I’ve ever used.

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Measuring cups and measuring spoons

If you have more tips and hacks, I’d love to hear about them. Or if you would like to see more hacks, let me know.

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