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5 Homemade Soup Recipes

These 5 homemade soup recipes add options to your dinner rotation. After all, you can make enough for leftovers to serve at dinner and then at lunch the next day.

4 of 5 homemade soup recipes

If you want to double any of the recipes, you can even freeze some. The recipes are perfect if you’ve ever wondered how to make homemade soup because they’re so easy.

5 Homemade Soup Recipes

All 5 of these homemade soup recipes are easy to follow. Cook any of them for dinner and serve them for leftovers the next day for lunch.

Benefits of Soup

Soup has so many benefits it’s impossible to name all of them. Of course, some of the benefits are obvious, such as it’s a way to quickly warm up.

According to Psychology Today, it’s easier to increase the intake of vegetables when you put them in soup.

Even if you don’t have recognizable vegetables in your soup, you can add them. When my children were younger, I used to puree zucchini and freeze it in ice cube trays.

Then I would pop a bunch of them into soups and gravies so they’d get a little extra nutrition. What they don’t know not only doesn’t hurt them, but it also makes them healthier.

Now back to the benefits of soup. It’s also filling, so you’ll probably eat fewer calories since it has a lot of liquid. It’s easy to make, and it’s versatile.

Often you can substitute ingredients if you have something different on hand. I’ve swapped out turkey for chicken, pork for beef, and zucchini for green beans. You can also use noodles instead of rice or vice versa.

What to Serve with These 5 Homemade Soup Recipes

Typically, when you serve soup, there’s something else on the table. For example, some people enjoy having a sandwich to go with their soup.

My husband and I enjoy sandwiches made from this chicken salad and this pimento cheese. Soup is also good to serve with crackers or bread.

5 homemade soup recipes

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