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12 Best Side Dishes for a Potluck

These 12 best side dishes are all easy to make and delicious. Serve them at a dinner party, put them on a buffet, or bring them to a potluck.

6 of the 12 best side dishes for a potluck or buffet

Buffet dinners are always fun because you can get as much or as little of each item. If something was delicious, then go back for more.

When you’re not sure about an item, you can get a small amount so you don’t have to waste food.

I also love a good potluck. After all, everyone typically brings one of their best dishes. So you know the food will be delicious.

One of my favorite potluck dinners was held at a church. The organizer asked everyone to print out the recipe and bring some notecards so people could jot down the instructions.

Then someone came up with the bright idea of everyone printing out several so they wouldn’t all be standing in front of the most popular dish. I thought that was brilliant.

Competition for 12 Best Side Dishes

I looked through all of my side dishes and decided to post these. I originally wanted to only have 10, but that was impossible.

So I loosened my belt and added a couple more. If you like these, you’ll also enjoy these easy zucchini recipes.

12 Best Side Dishes

Whether you're throwing a dinner party, hosting a buffet, or attending a potluck, you'll love these side dishes. They're all easy to make and delicious.

Desserts for Potlucks and Buffets

Another thing I like to do is bring dessert. Even if I have a side dish or casserole, it’s always nice to have a little something extra for the dessert table. Since I have a gluten sensitivity, I cook mostly gluten-free.

There’s always someone who’s grateful for whatever I bring. Gluten-free desserts typically disappear quickly.

Here are some of my favorite desserts that are easy to cut into as many portions as you need:

Butterscotch Pecan Cookies – The blend of butterscotch and pecans is delicious. Be prepared to give out the recipe because you’ll certainly be asked.

Pecan Brownie Cookies – If you like cookies and brownies, you’ll definitely like these.

Easy Pumpkin Bars – These are always a favorite at a holiday dinner. But they’re also great year-round.

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies – Peanut butter junkies love these, but if anyone in the group has a peanut allergy, leave them at home.

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