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Oven-Fried Salmon Cakes Recipe

How to Make Salmon Patties That Wow!

These oven-fried salmon patties are super easy to make and so delicious! We like baked salmon patties as much as those you fry on top of the stove. Canned salmon is inexpensive, so this is a budget-friendly family seafood dinner. Plus, these baked salmon cakes go with a wide variety of side dishes!

Salmon cakes on a plate

I love making this quick salmon patty dinner for weeknights when I’m pressed for time. I’ve also included instruction for how to cook salmon patties on top of the stove.

I make salmon patties low carb and gluten-free by using almond flour. If you use all-purpose flour, the carb count will be a tad higher. I can’t tell the difference in the flavor, so use whichever one you want. Another thing about using almond flour that I like is that this is a great low-carb salmon patty recipe for a keto diet.

Although I make southern salmon patties using canned salmon, you can use fresh, cooked salmon instead. Again, that’s up to you, what you can afford, and what you have access to. If you’ve never made them before, don’t worry. This is an easy salmon patties recipe for beginners as well as seasoned cooks.

Baked Salmon Patties – Best Canned Salmon Patty Recipe

I grew up eating salmon patties (or salmon croquettes). But instead of cooking them in the oven, my very southern mom fried them on top of the stove. Although they were good and I always looked forward to eating them, cleanup was a pain. There were always grease splatters all over the stove and surrounding countertops.

When I was little, my mother cleaned up the mess. However, after I got big enough to do it, I was in charge of cleaning the kitchen after supper. I vowed to do as little stovetop frying as possible when I had control. And to this day, I still try not to fry because splatters go everywhere.

However, if you want to fry it on top of the stove, you can. You can also try my friend Julie’s recipe for salmon patties from her Back to My Southern Roots blog. You can actually make patties with almost any kind of seafood, from salmon and tuna to crab and lobster.

But I think my favorite will always be this easy canned salmon patty/fish cakes recipe because it’s what I grew up on. This is definitely a kid-friendly salmon patty recipe


You can start with either cooked fresh salmon or canned salmon. I used the canned version because it is quicker and easier. Oh, and canned salmon is quite a bit less expensive. However, if you have some leftover salmon, use that.

Also, you’ll need some flour or Bisquick. I have to be gluten-free, so I use either almond flour or gluten-free Bisquick. Keep in mind that Bisquick has baking powder in it, so they’ll rise a little bit if you choose that over the flour.

Here is the full list of ingredients for this salmon recipe:

  • 1 can of salmon (6 ounce can)
  • 2 tablespoons flour (almond flour, all-purpose flour, or Bisquick)
  • 1/4 cup diced onion
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 tablespoons cooking oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon prepared mustard (yellow or dijon mustard)
  • 1 teaspoon Old Bay seasoning
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper (or more if you prefer)
Cooking oil, chopped onions, canned salmon, Old Bay seasoning, almond flour, egg, garlic powder, mustard, and pepper

I added a printable recipe card to the bottom of this post for your convenience.

Alternative Ingredients to Make Salmon Cakes

You can add a variety of other ingredients. Here are some you may want to try:

  • Chopped celery
  • Shredded carrots
  • Chopped spinach
  • Diced bell pepper
  • Chopped jalapeno peppers
  • Cajun seasoning

I used what I had on hand at the time, which is what I advise others to do. Even if I didn’t list something above, go ahead and try something different. You don’t have to add it to the entire mixture. In fact, I often set a little bit aside for testing with different spices and seasonings.

When your tastebuds are in the mood for something different, try an Asian-inspired salmon patty with soy ginger glaze. Or try a spicy salmon patty with sriracha mayo. This is easy to make by simply combining one part sriracha with three parts mayo. You can make switch up the amount to suit your taste.

If you have fresh or canned crabmeat, you can make crab cakes using basically the same ingredients. I’ve done this often, and it always turns out great!

How to Make Oven-Fried Salmon Patties (or Salmon Cakes)

Since you’re using your oven, preheat it to 400 degrees F before you begin. If you use an iron skillet, add oil to it, and swirl it around to make sure the bottom is coated.

Pouring oil into an iron skillet

Stick your skillet in the oven to it can get sizzling hot before you add the salmon patties. I like to do this because it helps form a crunchy crust on the outside of the patties.

While the oven heats up, combine all of the remaining ingredients in a medium-sized mixing bowl. Mix until everything is coated.

Salmon patty ingredients mixed in a bowl

Next, form 4 equal sized patties from the mixture and set them aside. After the oven reaches 400 degrees and the skillet is hot, remove the skillet from the oven.

Be super careful not to burn yourself on the handle. Then place the patties in the bottom of the skillet and return it to the oven.

Uncooked salmon patties in an iron skillet

After 10 minutes, turn the salmon cakes over and cook them another 10 minutes. Be careful when you flip the salmon because the hot oil might splash and burn you.

Turning the half-cooked patties over in the skillet

Remove them from the oven and set the skillet on a trivet or pad to protect your countertop. The total cooking time for these salmon cakes is 20 minutes.

When you remove them from the oven, you should see a beautiful golden crust on the outside. These salmon cakes should be delicious without anything on them.

However, if you like a little extra flavor, try this delicious homemade tartar sauce. When I was a child, my favorite sauce for salmon croquettes was ketchup right out of the bottle.

Or you might prefer serving these with zesty cocktail sauce. We also enjoy them with plain ol’ ketchup.

Extra Crispy Salmon Patty Frying Tips

Whether you fry on top of the stove or in your oven, these tips will help deliver the best and crispiest salmon patties. Here are the tips:

  • Whether you used the canned or fresh version, start with the best quality salmon that you have access to.
  • Use seasonings that you know your family will like. My family prefers the classic salmon patty with Old Bay seasoning.
  • If you have an herb garden, look there for inspiration. There’s nothing like a homemade salmon patty with fresh herbs.
  • Don’t overcook the salmon patties. The best way to get crispy on the outside without drying out the inside is to cook in a preheated skillet using high heat.

Questions You May Have About Salmon Patties or Salmon Cakes

If you’ve never made salmon patties, you might be curious about a few things. Here are some common questions and answers.

How Do You Make Salmon Patties on Top of the Stove?

If you want to use the stovetop, that’s fine. The list of ingredients and first several steps are the same. The only thing you’ll need to add is more oil because the only exposure to the heat will be in the skillet.

When I make salmon croquettes (aka salmon patties or salmon cakes) on top of the stove, I turn the heat to medium-high in the beginning. Once the oil reaches the right temperature, I turn it down to medium. Fry the salmon patties for about 10 minutes on each side.

There is likely to be more splattering due to the increased amount of cooking oil. That’s why I have a splatter screen to put on top of the skillet. It catches most of the splatters, which makes cleanup a little easier.

Nutritional Benefits of Eating Salmon Patties

Many health experts consider salmon a super-food because it contains so many nutrients. According to Healthline, salmon is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is also packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals. Because it’s loaded with nutrients, including it in your diet helps prevent heart disease.

It also has antioxidants that can help lower your risk of cancer. Adding salmon to your meal rotation can help decrease inflammation that causes so many different ailments. One of the things I like about canned salmon is the fact that it’s inexpensive. However, I also enjoy cooking fresh salmon occasionally. Next time you have fresh salmon, cook an extra piece to make salmon patties. But I’ll admit that it’s much easier to use the canned version.

Another thing I like about canned salmon is that it’s shelf stable. This means that it lasts for a very long time in your pantry. So when it goes on sale, stock up for those times when you want these delicious salmon croquettes or this salmon macaroni salad.

How Long Can You Store Leftover Salmon Patties?

After you cook these leftover baked salmon patties, you can store them in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days. When you’re ready to eat them, heat them up in the microwave. Or you can put them in a skillet and heat them up on low heat.

If you’re not planning to eat them over the next couple of days, you can freeze them for up to 2 months. Secure them in plastic wrap or put them in an airtight container before freezing them.

Salmon cakes on a plate

More Recipes

If you like seafood, try this delicious pecan-crusted fish. It has a delightful blend of flavors and textures that will turn your family dinner into something special.

Most of the time, we enjoy a salad with any seafood meal. My husband loves this BLT salad, while I prefer this Greek olive salad. Both are delicious, so you really can’t go wrong with either of them.

We like a salmon patty with a side of creamy coleslaw. This is a wonderful but easy recipe.

Bowl of coleslaw

Do you like potatoes or rice as a side dish? If you prefer potatoes, make these amazing honey mustard roasted potatoes.

plate of honey mustard roasted potatoes

But if you like rice, make this super quick and easy onion-seasoned rice. It goes perfectly with any seafood or meat.

Bowl of onion seasoned rice

Another favorite at our house is this classic baked mac and cheese casserole. It’s especially comforting at the end of a long day.

Yummy Desserts

Any time I make a special meal, I like to offer dessert. And most of the time, it’s something simple.

Here are some wonderful desserts that go with a salmon patty dinner:

Lemon Bars – If you like a balance of sweet and tart, you’ll love these delicious lemon bars.

Pineapple Pie – Here is a no-bake dessert that will surely make your taste buds very happy!

slice of pineapple pie

Hummingbird Cake – Serve this hummingbird cake from Out of the box baking, and watch the smiles spread across everyone’s face. You’re in for a real treat with this southern dessert!

Flourless Chocolate Cake – There’s nothing better than chocolate to finish off any special meal! And you’ll love the fact this this cake is light but oh-so satisfying!

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars – Anyone who is a peanut butter junkie like I am will appreciate this delicious treat!

peanut butter marshmallow bar on a plate

Easy and Affordable Salmon Patty Dinner

After you see how easy these salmon patties are to make, you’ll certainly want to add them to your dinner rotation. Although canned salmon is inexpensive compared to other meats, I recommend stocking up when it goes on sale.

Yield: 4 patties

Oven-Fried Salmon Cakes Recipe

Salmon cakes on a plate

Salmon cakes are a delicious main dish that your family will enjoy.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • One 6-ounce can of salmon, drained
  • 2 tablespoons of flour (regular or almond) or Bisquick (regular or gluten-free)
  • 1/4 cup of diced onion
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon of mustard
  • 1 teaspoon of Old Bay seasoning
  • 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
  • Black pepper to taste
  • 2 tablespoons of cooking oil


    1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Pour the cooking oil into a 10” cast iron skillet and swirl it around to coat the bottom.
    2. Place the skillet in the oven to get the bottom sizzling hot.
    3. In a medium mixing bowl, combine all of the remaining ingredients and mix well.
    4. Form 4 equal patties and place them on the skillet.
    5. Bake for 20 minutes, turning once halfway through.


  • If you don’t have an iron skillet, you may use a baking pan instead.
  • You may add other finely chopped vegetables to the mixture, such as celery, carrots, or spinach.
  • If you use Bisquick instead of flour, the salmon cakes will rise a little more than if you use flour.
  • You may use either regular yellow mustard or Dijon for an extra punch of flavor.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 387Total Fat 28gSaturated Fat 4gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 22gCholesterol 147mgSodium 506mgCarbohydrates 9gFiber 1gSugar 2gProtein 23g

The nutrition information is a product of online calculators. I try to provide true and accurate information, but these numbers are estimates.

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Kelly Pittman

Sunday 7th of May 2023

I made this recipe for my husband and I last night. I usually dread the process of making salmon patties but I won't dread it anymore. I doubled the recipe because I used bone in with skin. I removed bone and skin and followed the directions. I also used pillsbury gluten free all purpose flour blend. I plated a layer of baby spinach with a bit of balsamic vinegar then hot Jasmine rice over the top and put salmon patty on top then drizzled butter on top of salmon with a bit of soy sauce around rim of plate. I impressed myself. Lol! Thanks for such a simple low budget recipe. Gonna make more today for my friend. She loves salmon patties I also used a 16” black iron skillet. PERFECT & easy clean up.


Sunday 7th of May 2023

Hi Kelly! I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe. Thank you for letting me know. By the way, I love the way you served it. I'll have to try that next time I make them.


Sunday 2nd of April 2023

Tried this salmon patties recipe this evening and loved the taste and ease of making them.


Monday 3rd of April 2023

I'm so glad you enjoyed the salmon patties. I love easy cooking!


Tuesday 3rd of January 2023

These are fantastic! I've tried numerous recipes with bread crumbs, and they almost always fall apart. These held together beautifully. Because my leftover salmon was a bit dry, I did add 1 tsp mayo to the mix. Excellent recipe!


Tuesday 3rd of January 2023

Hi Emily. Thank you so much for letting me know how much you enjoyed the recipe. It's one of our favorites, and it's nice to hear from other people who like it too!


Monday 15th of February 2021

I try not to use oil of any kind,due to heart condition. Can these be made in an air fryer ?


Monday 15th of February 2021

Hi Ken. I've never made these in an air fryer, but I think you should be able to do it. If you want to try that, I recommend using the air fryer liners (sort of like parchment paper with holes in it) to keep any of the salmon from falling. Please let me know how they turn out. I think they'll probably be good.


Thursday 27th of August 2020

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