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15 Best Dinner Ideas with Smoked Sausage

These dinner ideas with smoked sausage are packed with flavor, easy to make, and budget-friendly. In fact, they take the entire meal to a very high level of deliciousness.

Sometimes I use traditional smoked pork sausage, but I’ve also used turkey sausage, chicken sausage, and Italian sausage. It mostly depends on what I find on sale. Use whatever you prefer.

Smoked sausage in a package

Most of these meals can be made in one pot or pan. All you need is a large skillet, or if you like sheet pan dinners, a large sheet pan. You can use any brand and style of smoked sausage, including Hillshire Farm, Eckrich, or even the generic brand from the store. Try a variety before deciding which one is your favorite.

One-Pan Meals for Weeknight Suppers

I love cooking one-pan meals in a cast iron skillet because the food cooks evenly. But you can use whatever pans you have. All of these are great recipes that make the perfect weeknight meal. As a matter of fact, meal prep is usually kept to a minimum. With a small amount of prep time, you can have any of these meals on the dinner table in a matter of minutes.

Smoked Sausage Dinner Recipe Ideas

There are so many different sausage dinner recipes that you’re bound to find several that the whole family will love. Stock up on sausage so you always have something delicious to serve on a busy weeknight.

smoked sausage, potatoes and sausage, and sliced smoked sausage

I like to have a variety of sausages in my fridge. My husband and I both enjoy spicy sausage like andouille sausage, but we like something a little milder for breakfast. I recommend picking whatever type of sausage you like and find new ways to cook it. You can find a variety at any grocery store, plus sometimes they go on sale. This is the best time to stock up.

Most of the time, my husband and I like medium to spicy smoked sausage. However, when I’m serving company, I typically get mild. This is especially true if there will be children at the table.

15 Best Dinner Ideas with Smoked Sausage

Easy Family Dinners with Smoked Sausage

Once you discover your favorite ways to enjoy smoked sausage, it will become a comfort food. The best part about that is the ease of preparation.

smoked sausage with a variety of dishes

What to Serve with a Smoked Sausage Dinner

Serve any of these dinners with a side of crusty bread and butter. Or you can sprinkle some Italian seasoning into a tablespoon of olive oil for dipping.

You can serve your favorite salad with vegetables, fruit, or a combination for an extra helping of nutrition. Actually, anything goes with a smoked sausage dinner, but you’ll have your favorites.

Here are more delicious sides:

Delicious Desserts for a Smoked Sausage Dinner

My family always appreciated having a little bit … okay, a lot of dessert after their favorite meals. Here are some of our favorites:

Easy Pineapple Dump Cake – Every single bite of this delicious cake is like a tropical vacation in the mouth. It’s super easy to make and will put smiles on the faces of everyone who tries it.

bowl of pineapple dump cake with vanilla ice cream on top

Oatmeal Strawberry Jam Bars – Although we sometimes have these for breakfast, they’re also a delicious dessert. Plus they’re actually good for you, so you won’t feel so guilty afterward.

Easy Pecan Brownie Cookies – These are so yummy, and they’re super easy to make. Start with a brownie mix (shh, don’t tell anyone), and add a few more ingredients for what will become one of your favorite cookie recipes.

Butterscotch Pecan Cookies – If you like butterscotch and pecans, you’ll love these cookies.

butterscotch pecan cookies on a plate

Chocolate Chip Fluff Dip – Serve this yummy dip with vanilla wafers or graham crackers. It’s a guaranteed hit among both adults and children.

Creamy No-Bake Cherry Lime Pie – Easy to make, beautiful to look at, and absolutely delicious, this will impress your family and friends.

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