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25 Easy and Delicious Gluten Free Air Fryer Recipes

If you’re looking for easy and delicious gluten free air fryer recipes, you’ve come to the right place. I have everything from chicken tenders and French fries to skinless chicken breasts and sweet potato fries.

gluten free symbol and air fryers

These are all recipes that the whole family will enjoy And they’re all perfect for weeknights because cooking in the air fryer significantly cuts cooking time. They’re also not nearly as messy as they would be from deep frying.

Do you want a main dish or side dish? Or both? I’ve been known to cook entire meals in my air fryer, all at the same time. This wonderful device is a game changer in the kitchen.

I use the Instant Vortex that’s made by the Instant Pot company. However, there are quite a few other wonderful air fryers on the market, such as the Cosori, the Ninja Food, and the Gourmia

If you’re looking for a new air fryer, any of the above options will work just fine. Check out the options to make sure you know what you’re getting.

When people ask me which one to purchase, I always tell them to get the biggest air fryer that they have room for on their kitchen counter. In fact, my air fryer has a permanent home on the counter, right next to the toaster oven, which also air fries.

Healthier Alternative for Delicious Recipes with Simple Ingredients

You’ll be delighted by how much healthier your family meals will be. Not only are they easy meals, but you need less fat to cook. If you like more fat, you can add it, but that’s not necessary the way it is with a deep fryer.

If you want fat, you can spray it on the food. Or if you prefer, just spray the air fryer basket. Either way, it delivers an easy meal that turns out delicious.

I rarely use cooking spray. But when I do, I typically choose either avocado oil or olive oil.

It’s easy to find gluten-free ingredients these days. In fact, many grocery stores have a gluten-free section to help you find what you’re looking for.

Gluten-Free Air Fryer Recipes

Whether you’re on a gluten-free diet due to gluten intolerance or someone in your family is, these recipes are so delicious that you never feel like you’re sacrificing flavor. In fact, the entire family will enjoy the foods listed here.

You’ll also appreciate that all of the ingredients are available at your favorite grocery store. An air fryer is such an amazing appliance because it keeps cooking simple and drastically cuts the time it takes from start to finish when making gluten-free recipes.

Easy Air Fryer Recipes

All of these recipes are easy and convenient. In addition to providing flavorful food in a fraction of the traditional cooking time, cleanup is such a breeze! Give any or all of these recipes a try, and you’ll see—and taste—what I mean.

Most of the recipes above are delicious with a salad or simple side dish. You can also add this delicious beef and cabbage soup or this cowboy soup from Insanely Good Recipes. Both options are gluten free and taste wonderful!

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