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Meat Recipes for Air Fryer

Delicious Dishes in Minutes

These meat recipes that are perfect to cook in an air fryer include different cuts of a variety types of meat. You’ll see beef, pork, chicken, and fish cooked in a matter of minutes. 

bacon, pork tenderloin, bacon wrapped chicken, and breakfast sausage patties

All of the recipes below are delicious for any type of diet or non-diet. If you enjoy a low carb lifestyle, you’ll fall in love with how well your air fryer cooks meat and delivers your favorite main dish. 

Most of the time, simply start with a meat, add seasonings, and cook. You’ll wind up with the most delicious version of your favorite meal.

Air frying is my new favorite way to cook most dishes. Please keep in mind that different air fryers may get hotter than others. You’ll quickly figure out how hot yours cooks.

My favorite thing (or one of my favorite things) about using my air fryer is that the air fryer cooking time is lower than cooking in the oven. So this is one of the easy ways to have dinner ready in minutes.

air fryer on a counter

Air Fryer Recipes You’ll Love

One of the reasons I love my air fryer is that I can cook anything in there that I can cook in the oven. In fact, I get the best results from my air fryer without too much effort.

The type of air fryer I currently have is the Instant Vortex. Other brands I’ve heard good things about are the Cosori, the Ninja Foodi, the Dash, and the Cuisinart. I’m sure there are other really good ones.

If you already have an air fryer, you probably know how to use it the best way possible. And chances are, you already know that you can easily and quickly cook frozen foods in the air fryer basket.

I recommend getting a meat thermometer before you start cooking meat in your air fryer. Food cooks quickly with this method. 

It helps to know when it reaches the desired internal temperature so you can stop the cooking process before it overcooks. You’ll get the best results if the meat is right at the preferred temperature.

All of the recipes below have a recipe card at the bottom of the posts. And most also have a jump-to-recipe button near the top.

Delicious Air Fryer Meat Recipes

All of these meat recipes are delicious and easy to make. Once you cook the main dish in your air fryer, you’ll be hooked!

Whether you’re eating the meat as a main dish or adding it to something else (like air fryer tacos), you’ll enjoy the ease of the following recipes.

Favorite Beef Recipes

1. Air Fried Frozen Meatballs

air fried frozen meatballs in a bowl

When you need to get dinner on the table ASAP, toss some frozen meatballs in the air fryer. Add sauce and a side dish, and dinner is served!

2. Air Fryer Steak Recipe

This great recipe in The Big Man’s World gives you all of the air fryer steak tips you need to make the perfect steak! 

He even gives recommends for the best cut of steak, so check it out. If you don’t have the cuts he recommends, you can use his method for sirloin steak, filet mignon, or even juicy burgers.

juicy steak on a plate

3. Air Fryer Steak Bites – Once you make these yummy steak bites from the Roasted Root, you’ll catch yourself looking for more ways to use them.

There’s something about air frying beef that brings extra flavor to the meat.

Pork in the Air Fryer

4. Crispy Bacon

crispy bacon on a plate
Air Fryer Bacon

Save time by making delicious crispy bacon in your air fryer.

Not only does air fryer bacon cook fast, but cleanup is so much easier!

5. Thick Boneless Pork Chops

air fried boneless pork chops on a plate

Tender and juicy are two words to describe pork chops cooked with this method in the air fryer.

If you like thicker cuts, this is the best way to cook them.

6. Breakfast Sausage Patties

sausage patties on a plate
Sausage Patties

Whether you’re cooking homemade sausage or the kind in a tube, air frying it makes sense because it always turns out great!

7. Seasoned Pork Tenderloin

sliced pork tenderloin
Sliced Pork Tenderloin

Make this recipe and enjoy the flavorful, juicy goodness of pork!

8. Country Style Ribs

plate of air fryer country ribs
Country Style Ribs

Barbecue fans will love the flavor of these delicious ribs. And you’ll appreciate how quick and easy they are to make!

Air Fried Chicken

9. Garlic Lemon Chicken

plate of garlic lemon chicken with a lemon wedge

When you’re in the mood for a ton of flavor but without the hassle of standing over the stove for hours, this is the perfect main dish!

10. Barbecue Chicken

plate of barbecue chicken
Barbecued Chicken Drunsticks

Tastebuds set for some barbecue? Then try this super easy and delicious barbecue chicken in your air fryer.

11. Boneless Chicken Breasts

cutting air fried chicken breast
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Next time boneless skinless chicken breast goes on sale, stock up.

Cook it in the air fryer to make meal prep easier during the week. It’s perfect for salads, soups, and casseroles on any busy weeknight.

12. Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

bacon wrapped chicken tenders on a plate
Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Perfect for appetizers or the main dish, chicken tenders are delicious when wrapped in bacon! Be sure to make enough for seconds!

13. Crispy Chicken Thighs

chicken thighs in an air fryer

You can’t go wrong when you air fry chicken thighs. They come out juicy on the inside and extra crispy on the outside. Every single bite is heavenly!

Fish and Seafood Recipes for the Air Fryer

14. Frozen Tilapia

baked tilapia on a plate

Forgot to thaw dinner? Don’t fret. Simply take some frozen tilapia and pop it into the air fryer. Dinner will be ready in a matter of minutes!

15. Air Fryer Shrimp

shrimp on rice

Any time a recipe calls for cooked shrimp, use this recipe from Platings and Pairings. It’s quick, easy, and delivers delicious results!

These shrimp are delicious served on a salad, over white rice, or even as an appetizer.

Delicious Side Dishes

You’ll need some yummy side dish to go with your air fried meat. Below, you’ll see some of my favorite side dishes to complete an easy dinner.

French Fries – You can use frozen fries or cut them up yourself. It doesn’t matter. This air fryer recipe is super easy for fries that go with any meat.

Cheesy Green Beans – Serve up some delicious cheesy green beans as a side dish. It’s an easy recipe to make on the stove top, and it delivers a lot of cheesy goodness!

Balsamic Glazed Zucchini – If you enjoy the sophisticated flavor of a balsamic glaze, then make this delightful zucchini side dish. You’ll be amazed by the simplicity of something so good.

Sautéed Spinach and Tomatoes – Add color, nutrition, and flavor to any meal with this sautéed spinach and tomatoes.

Questions About Air Fryers

If you’ve have an air fryer or you’re thinking about getting one, you may have some questions. Here are a couple of answers to common questions.

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a small convection oven that allows hot air to circulate around the food. This helps provide quick and even heating to make the food cook more quickly.

You can have a fantastic meal in less time than it would take to use your oven or stovetop. And it’s a great way to wind up with a fantastic meal without a lot of cleanup later.

Do I Need an Air Fryer?

As is the case with all of your kitchen appliances, you don’t actually need an air fryer.

However, if you want to make cooking easier and faster, an air fryer helps you do just that. In fact, you can get dinner on the table in a matter of minutes if you use your air fryer.

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