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20  Delicious Finger Foods That Go with Chili

These finger foods that go with chili take the meal from good to fabulous!

Are you looking for ideas for finger foods that go with chili? Although you can serve anything you like, I think there are certain things that complete a chili dinner, so I’ve listed some of my favorites, along with some of the yummiest chili suggestions.

big bowl of chili with herbs

There’s nothing like a big bowl of chili to bring the family together at the end of a long day. But you still need some sides … and even some dessert to finish off the meal.

Types of Chili and Condiments

On chili night, you naturally want everyone to enjoy their food. When I’m making chili for my family, I add a lot of spiciness. However, if I’m cooking for other people, I don’t.

While some people may enjoy spicy chili, others might prefer a milder version. So make it mild and offer cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, or pepper sauce.

Make sure you have a variety of options to sprinkle on top of the chili. We live a variety of cheeses, onions, and peppers. Include whatever you like.

Also offer something to scoop the chili over, such as white rice, Mexican rice, or pasta.

In addition to side dishes, you’ll also want to include some condiments. My husband and I like sour cream and shredded cheese on our chili con carne. This is a meaty chili that makes a hearty meal.

Chili in a bowl and topped with sour cream and shredded cheese

There are some nights when I didn’t plan dinner, but I’m in the mood for chili. This is when I like to make this super quick and easy 3-ingredient Rotel Chili. If you want to add a fourth ingredient, you can add cream cheese.

Another chili we like is this white chicken chili. It’s delicious with cilantro, green onions, or dried chives.

bowl of white chicken chili and chips

When I host a game day party, I’m likely to make a couple of types of chili, including this Instant Pot turkey chili. There are some folks who prefer turkey over ground beef, which is fine. I like to make them happy.

Whether you make a single big batch of chili or several smaller batches of different types, it’s a good idea to have several finger foods for everyone to enjoy alongside their big bowl of chili.

Best Side Dishes (Finger Foods) to Serve with Chili

Okay, so homemade chili is your main dish. Now you need something else. Sometimes we add a caesar salad or a platter of fresh vegetables with dip.

Finger foods are usually the biggest hit. Here are some wonderful finger food sides that you can serve with your favorite chili recipe:

1. Tortilla Chips 

plate of tortilla chips

One of the best sides for chili is a basket of these homemade tortilla chips. They’re easy to make in your air fryer, and they’re as good as, or better than, the ones you get at a Mexican restaurant.

2. Cheesy Breadsticks

rows of cheesy breadsticks

A great way to eat these breadsticks from Sally’s Baking Addiction are delicious when dunked in a bowl of steaming hot chili.

3. Southern Cornbread 

Slice of cornbread on a plate

This southern style cornbread is wonderful to eat with chili. And then later, you can scoop some leftover chili over a thin slice of this cornbread. So good!

This cornbread recipe was passed down from my great-grandmother to my grandmother, mom, and me. Since I learned how to make it by just tossing ingredients into a bowl, I had to make it with real measuring spoons and cups to write out this recipe.

4. Sweet Potato Fries 

plate of sweet potato fries

Sweet potatoes of all types are delicious with any food. These sweet potato fries are easy to cook in your air fryer, and they go so well with chili.

5. Hot Dogs

hot dog with chili and cheese

Turn these hot dogs from Julia’s Simply Southern into chili dogs. You’d better make enough for everyone to have seconds.

6. Cheesy Potato Skins

loaded cheesy potato skins

Serve these cheesy potato skins from Spend with Pennies with sour cream or your favorite dipping sauce. 

7. Tater Tots

tater tots

It’s easy to have Tater Tots ready to serve quickly. You can either cook them in the oven or follow these air fryer directions from Air Fry Any Time.

8. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

plate of bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers

I make the most amazing bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers! They’re super easy and absolutely crowd pleasing!

9. French Fries

Golden brown french fries on a plate with ketchup

French fries are the perfect finger food and side dish for anything. You can serve them with a side of ketchup or drizzle them with melted mozzarella cheese.

10. Soft Pretzels

soft Bavarian pretzels on a napkin

These Bavarian soft pretzels from Out of the Box Baking are delicious! Add a basket of them to your side dish table and watch them disappear! They’re great to dip in chili. The ones I like are salted and savory. But this recipe also offers a sweet version as well.

11. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

grilled cheese sandwich on a plate with pickle slices

I’ve always enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches with any kind of soup or chili. After I got my air fryer and discovered a whole new and better way to make them!

12. Fried Green Tomatoes

plate of crispy fried green tomatoes

There’s a reason that Guy Fieri called these fried green tomatoes from Southern Bite the best ones he’s ever tasted. They’re absolutely wonderful! Once you taste them, you’ll agree!

13. Bacon Stuffed Tomatoes

small plate of bacon and cream cheese stuffed tomatoes on a bed of spinach leaves

Cherry tomatoes are delicious. But stuff them with bacon and a few other ingredients, and you’ll swoon with delight. So yummy!

14. Crispy Onion Rings

plate of onion rings

Onion rings, how do I love thee? You’ll be reciting love sonnets after the first bite of these amazing onion rings from Call Me PMc. While you’re on her site getting the recipe for onion rings, also check out the sauce. It’s simply amazing!

Dessert Ideas

Don’t forget about dessert. After all, some people clean their plates simply to justify adding a sweet treat at the end of the meal.

Here are some easy and delicious desserts to serve with chili:

15. Sugar Cookies

plate of sugar cookies, one with a bite out of it

Staying with the finger food idea, you’ll want to make these yummy sugar cookies. Make them without baking powder or baking soda, and you’ll wind up with a thin, crispy, but chewy cookie that is beyond delicious!

16. Cinnamon Rolls

fresh-baked homemade cinnamon rolls

These homemade cinnamon rolls from Out of the Box Baking are so delicious your eyes will roll back. Be sure to make enough for everyone because you wouldn’t want to deny anyone of this amazing pleasure.

17. Chocolate Peanut Butter Moose Munch

bowls of peanut butter chocolate moose munch

Here is the ultimate finger-food sweet treat! Put a bowl of this on the dessert table for anyone who enjoys munching after their chili dinner.

18. Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

chocolate pecan pie bars

These delicious dessert bars from Back to My Southern Roots combine the wonderful flavors of chocolate and pecan pie to make something that you won’t be able to put down.

19. 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Balls

plain peanut butter balls and chocolate covered peanut butter balls

Peanut butter loves will devour this delicious treat! You can dip them in chocolate are leave them plain. I like them both ways, so I make some of both.

20. No-Bake Rum Balls

Plate of rum balls

If you’re looking for a delicious way so celebrate any occasion, make these fabulous rum balls. They’re the perfect ending to your chili supper.

Finger Food Sides and Desserts

Your family and friends will certainly appreciate having a variety of finger foods to enjoy both with and after their chili. You’ll love having fewer dishes to clean later.

Please feel free to share!