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20 Best Side Dishes to Serve with Fried Catfish

Wondering what to serve with fried catfish fillets? There are plenty of tasty side dishes that are absolutely delicious with catfish. From classic southern sides to fresh salads, any or all of these options are sure to elevate your meal and make your taste buds very happy.

fried catfish, french fries and ketchup, and coleslaw

If you enjoy a flaky fish with a nice crunch from the cornmeal coating and fried to a golden brown, you’ll love this delicious main course.

My mother used to like a little Cajun seasoning on her fried catfish, so I grew up thinking that was normal. And in my world, it is.

But we never just had catfish. There was always a bounty of sides and desserts to enjoy along with our fish dinner. So add the perfect side dish or two … or more, and you’ll be a hero.

I like to place a few condiments and add-ons in the center of the table so folks can use whatever they want. Here are some favorites:

Delicious Side Dishes to Serve with Catfish

All of these side dishes are easy to make and pair very well with fried catfish!

The Joy of Southern Catfish 

Any time you serve catfish, you won’t have to announce that dinner is ready more than once. Everyone will race to the table so they don’t miss out on the crunchy, flaky deliciousness in every single bite!

Even if you already have your favorite sides to serve with fried catfish, try at least a couple of the ones listed above. You just might discover a new favorite.

bite of fried catfish with garnish on the side

Whether you’re eating a celebratory meal at the dinner table or having a casual outdoor fish fry, this catfish recipe is the foundation of an easy dinner. If you need fillers, you can always add a bag of chips and a loaf of bread.

All of these dishes are also great to bring to a potluck fish fry. The host will certainly appreciate any of the sides or desserts that are sure to make the meal even better.

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