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31 Easy Appetizers for Dinner

Try appetizers for dinner next time you run out of traditional meal ideas. These easy appetizers include finger foods, cheese balls, and a variety of other yummy things to eat.

variety of appetizers you can add to your dinner plate

You don’t have to wait for any specific occasion to indulge in these delicious appetizers and snacks for dinner.

In fact, you can enjoy the best appetizers any time of year.

Easy Appetizers for Dinner Recipes

Make sure you have plenty of delicious snacks and treats in your refrigerator and pantry. If you don't feel like cooking, there's always something yummy to enjoy for dinner.

Everyday Deliciousness

Who says you have to wait for the holidays to enjoy some tasty appetizers? You can have them whenever you want. Any time we have leftovers after entertaining, my husband and I both look forward to chowing down on some of the yummy appetizers.

Most of the ones listed above are super easy to make, and they all pack so much flavor you’ll want to have them often. Don’t let any of it go to waste. And certainly don’t deny yourself the pleasure of so much yum!

If you’re serving a variety of these appetizers for dinner, have a variety of food groups, colors, and shapes. That keeps the meal more interesting and fun for everyone. And you can actually justify it because with all of the colors you’re getting a variety of nutrients.

For those times when you’re making yourself a plate of appetizers (leftovers from your last party?), don’t forget to make a delicious drink to go with it. One of my favorites is this refreshing pineapple smoothie.

table filled with appetizers

Holidays and Special Occasions

Of course, it’s always a great idea to have a selection of quick appetizer foods and snacks in your fridge during the holidays. You never know when someone will stop by for a visit.

All you have to do is open the refrigerator, pull out your favorite dips or cheese balls, and arrange them on a plate with crackers or tortilla chips.

We like to offer yummy appetizers during any special occasion, whether it’s birthday celebrations, New Years, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or whatever. 

If you’re working with a theme, keep that in mind when designing your charcuterie board, veggie platter, or cheeseball tray. Focus on shapes and colors to help set the tone for the get-together.

variety of appetizers you can have for dinner

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