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30 Delicious Snacks and Easy Appetizers

These 30 delicious snacks and easy appetizers are perfect for those times when you’re entertaining. Whether you enjoy having appetizers before a special meal or snacks for game day, these are all crowd pleasers.

Many of these easy appetizers are finger foods, so you don’t have to use a lot of utensils.

Whether you like hot, cold, or room temperature snacks, you’ll find something here to enjoy.

Variety of snacks and appetizers including marinated mushrooms, spinach dip, party mix, zucchini strips, buffalo wings, and roasted pecans

They’re good to munch on during the big game, before a dinner party, while watching TV, or during New Year’s parties.

Good times are even better with the perfect mix of yummy treats. A delicious appetizer, or two or three, is the best way to get the party started.

Special Occasion Appetizers or Game Day Snacks

Treat everyone to some special snacks and appetizers next time you entertain. Everyone will think you’re the best host/hostess ever!

Do you have a special meal planned? Rather than have people constantly ask how much longer before dinner is ready, put out spread of tasty appetizers.

Are you entertaining during game day? Everyone enjoys snacking while rooting for their favorite team.

All of these delicious snacks will make everyone super happy at your next party. Just make sure you have enough for everyone, or you might have to make a run to the store.

1. Easy Taco Dip Deluxe

Bowl of taco dip

This taco dip is the perfect treat to serve with chips at a family gathering or get-together with friends. Serve it with tortilla chips, pita chips, crackers, and vegetables such as carrots, celery, and green and red peppers.

You can even add more sour cream to make this an extra creamy dip.

Or you can give it a little kick of spicy flavor with more hot peppers. In fact, why not do both? Your guests will love the options.

2. Slow Cooker Marinated Mushrooms

Bowl of marinated mushroom appetizerss on a red towel

Marinated mushrooms are easy to make in your slow cooker, and they’re a great option for a party food.

They’re delicious as an appetizer, side dish, or add-on to any of your favorite savory dishes.

3. Oven-Baked Buffalo Wings

Chicken wing snacks with ranch dressing

Finger-licking oven-baked Buffalo wings are the perfect food for any party, sports event, or family dinner. They’re easy to make and delicious.

You can also serve them as a main dish with a side of potato chips and this easy broccoli slaw, one of the best broccoli salad recipes ever.

4. Zucchini Fries

Basket of zucchini fries beside a plate of them on the snack and appetizer table

These zucchini fries are easy to make, nutritious, and so delicious for a snack or side dish! You’ll enjoy the delightful crunch and savory flavor as you munch on these tasty fries. Make them in your air fryer or oven.

The best appetizers are often the least expected. Sprinkle a few fresh herbs from your kitchen garden to make them even better.

5. Roasted Pecans

Roasted pecans in a small red bowl

Roasted pecans are delicious to snack on, and they’re actually good for you.

They also make great toppings on salads, casseroles, side dishes, and desserts.

6. Chex Party Mix

Bowl of Chex party mix as a snack or appetizer

This Chex party mix is a delicious treat you’ll enjoy at get-togethers or when you want to stay home and watch TV. This version is gluten-free.

An easy way to keep guest satisfied is to place several bowls of these easy party appetizers around the room.

7. Spinach Dip

Spinach dip and crackers

Spinach dip is the perfect party food. This recipe is easy to follow, and the results are delicious!

Most people who like cream cheese spread will like this dip even more.

8. Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin Butter on Toast

Pumpkin butter is delicious in the fall, but you can have it any time of year. I love the fact that you can find canned pumpkin on grocery store shelves all the time now.

It’s a versatile spread or filling that makes any meal or snack feel extra special.

9. Spicy Hot Fire Crackers

Fire crackers are delicious with yogurt for dipping.

These spicy hot fire crackers are the perfect treat to put on the snack table at any party.

They have tons of flavor, and they satisfy anyone who loves the heat. 

10. Cinnamon Crisps

Cinnamon crisps are practically free, and they make a great snack.

Pie crust cinnamon crisps are not only delicious, but they’re also the perfect thing to make with leftover pie crust.

When you can make these, there’s no reason to waste pie crust.

11. Strawberry Butter

Strawberry butter, bread, and strawberries on a plate

Creamy strawberry butter is one of the easiest yet most impressive ways to elevate any snack or meal.

If you serve bread, this is a must-have for extra flavor.

12. Oven-Fried Plantain Chips with Zesty Dip 

Plantain chips and zesty dip

Oven fried plantain chips are among my favorite mid-afternoon or evening snacks.

They’re super easy to make, and if you bake them in the oven, they’re low in calories.

13. Creamy Cool Fruit Salad

Bowl of creamy fruit salad topped with pecans and cherries

This creamy cool fruit salad is actually more of a dessert than pre-dinner course or appetizer.

But it has fruit, so you can call it a salad if you want. 

14. Roasted Parmesan Cauliflower

Parmesan cauliflower in a bowl

Roasted Parmesan cauliflower is one of those snacks that are surprisingly delicious on any snack or appetizer table. 

Either serve it with a cheese dip or eat it plain. It’s yummy either way!

15. Roasted Tomatoes with Fresh Basil

Roasted tomato with basil on a plate

While you’re roasting veggies, go ahead and add some tomatoes to the pan. These easy roasted tomatoes with basil add a delightful element to your meals.

You can serve them as an appetizer, side dish, or an ingredient in any Italian food. You can also use these as toppers over crispy potato skins for a delightful flavor sensation.

16. 3-Layer Mexican Dip

Bowl of 3-layer dip with beans, sour cream, salsa, cheese, and olives

This 3-layer Mexican Dip is an easy and delicious appetizer or snack for any occasion. Whether you’re having a party or settling in to watch TV, you can enjoy it with your favorite chips.

You can even turn this into a 5-layer Mexican dip if you really want to impress folks. This is always a favorite snack when bring it to Super Bowl parties.

17. Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Bowl of sweet potato chips

The sweet and salty combination is a delightful treat for any occasion.

Make a batch of these and watch how quickly they disappear! Add a tiny bit of lemon juice or black pepper to add depth to this delicious treat.

18. Juicy “Caramel Apple” Grapes

Caramel coated grape dipped in nuts

These caramel apple grapes don’t actually have apple in them. But that’s okay because they are a delicious treat that belongs on any snack table!

These little bites are packed with a whole lot of great flavor!

19. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo chicken dip with vegetables

This slow cooker buffalo chicken dipping sauce is a delicious snack or appetizer.

You can serve it during game night, before a holiday dinner, or any time you want something zesty.

20. Slow Cooker Ranch Nuts

Ranch nuts in a bowl

These slow cooker ranch nuts offer a great payoff for very little work. All you have to do is mix everything, walk away while it cooks, and enjoy the results.

This is a great way to impress your guests with an easy snack or appetizer!

21. Sweet and Salty Snack Mix

3 bowls of sweet and salty snack mix

This is a great combination of sweet and salty snack mix that’s perfect for when you want to munch but don’t know what you want. It’s also good to have on the table when you have a gathering.

Whether you’re setting the snack table before a dinner party or hosting game night, this snack is ideal. 

22. Stuffed Mushrooms with Sausage

3 stuffed mushrooms and a fork on a plate

Stuffed mushrooms with sausage are always a favorite snack or appetizer.

Your family and friends will love having this option for any dinner or get-together.

23. Mini Stuffed Peppers

Mini Stuffed Peppers on a plate with lettuce and tomatoes

Mini stuffed peppers make the perfect party food and budget-friendly family dinner.

Not only are they delicious but they’re also colorful and festive.

24. Fruit Kabobs with Yogurt

3 fruit kabobs with a small bowl of vanilla yogurt

Sometimes simple is the best way to be. Fruit kabobs with yogurt are one of the most nutritious snacks you can make for your family and friends.

This tasty treat is colorful, delicious, refreshing, and fun to eat. After all, who doesn’t enjoy nibbling at food on a stick? 

25. Buttery Flavored Popcorn Without Butter

Bowl of popcorn

There’s a reason popcorn is so popular. It’s crunchy, delicious, and the perfect treat for any occasion!

This is the best popcorn ever!

26. Cheesy Kickin’ Corn Dip

Many of my friends are amazing cooks! Here’s a delicious dip made by Carlee from Cooking with Carlee.

You can dip chips, crackers, or veggies in this!

27. Pulled Pork Quesadillas

My friend Jennifer from Plowing Through Life makes these yummy barbecue pork quesadillas.

As a matter of fact, I want to grab one right off the screen. Yum!

28. Southern Style Pimento Cheese

Pimento cheese spread with chopped jalapenos

If you like pimento cheese sandwiches, this one is for you! But don’t buy it ready-made.

Homemade pimento cheese almost always beats the store-bought version, hands down.

You can make little sandwiches or put out the ingredients and let your party guests make their own.

29. Light and Fluffy Cloud Bread

Pan of cloud bread

This easy cloud bread recipe has been around for quite a long time, and there’s a good reason. It’s easy to make, it’s delicious, and it’s the perfect bread for low-carb diets.

Serve it with any topping or filler with your snacks and appetizers.

30. Jalapeno Corn Muffins

2 jalapeno corn muffins beside a basket of muffins

There’s nothing like a kick of spice to make corn muffins pop! These jalapeño corn muffins are so delicious you’d better make enough for everyone to have seconds … and thirds.

If you have more cornbread than you need, you can make one of these creative cornbread salads.

Next holiday season, take a few of these easy appetizer recipes and get creative. You’ll be known as the person who takes a party to the highest level of deliciousness.

Collage of delicious snacks and appetizers

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